Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Human Food

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Human Food
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Many people feed their dogs human foods and table scraps. Yes, you love your dog and you love seeing it happy because they just got a mouth-watering treat. However, feeding dogs human food is not the best idea. Why you shouldn’t feed your dog human food is what we are here to discuss.

They Will Get Picky

You might not think of dogs being picky eaters, as some will eat absolutely anything and everything, even things that are technically not edible. However, that said, dogs can definitely be picky eaters at times. Think of this too, dogs are kind of like humans in the sense that some prefer this food and some prefer that food. Now, this is usually not a huge problem when you only feed your dog its dog food, such as kibbles or wet food.

This is because they only know that one food, and maybe a couple of doggy treats, but that’s it. If they are only familiar with their own dog food, they will eat it, if for no other reason than they are hungry and don’t know that there is such a thing as human food. However, when you start feeding your dog all sorts of human food and table scraps, you change the way your dog sees the food world.

All of a sudden, your dog realizes that there are much tastier things out there, whether it be cheese, cold cuts, crackers, and all sorts of table scraps. Now you have a dog that knows about all that tasty human food, and you just created a dog that only wants human food. It happens quite often that dogs who receive a lot of human food treats will stop eating their own food.

Simply put, they want the good stuff that you have been giving them under the table, not the dry kibbles. If you don’t want your dog to become picky, don’t feed them your hamburger.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Human Food

Worsening Behavior

As a dog owner, you probably know that it takes a long time to fully train a dog. Just to get a dog to sit, lay down, stay, come, and master a few other commands, can take months, or in some cases even years.

That said, if you look at it realistically, it’s almost us who have been trained by the dog. When they scratch the door we open it, and when they whine we give them treats. Now, think about how long it took to train your dog to be a good pup.

Do you really want to jeopardize that good behavior and ruin all of that training by giving your dog human food? That is exactly what will happen. Feeding your dog human food is like introducing a bad habit, kind of like smoking for humans. Now that you have started feeding your dog human food, their behavior will change accordingly. In other words, your dog is going to become a kitchen dog.

It’s going to run to you every time it hears the fridge open, every time a bag of chips crinkles, and every time you are cooking dinner. Your dog is going to whine, beg, and bark for that tasty human food. Begging at the table for scraps is something else that will happen.

In essence, if you give your dog human food, you are training it to beg your for food. It might be cute at first, but when you’re cooking dinner every night and your dog is nipping at your heels, it becomes more annoying than funny.

It’s Just Not Good For Them … Mostly

Alright, so the changed behavior and begging for food is one thing. If you don’t mind your dog begging for food, then so be it. However, the real issue is that many human foods are just not good for dogs. Have you ever heard of how chocolate can kill dogs? Well, it’s not a myth.

Sure, some dogs can eat chocolate and they will be just fine, others may get ill, and some may indeed die. Moreover, may human foods, especially things like garlic, onions, various nuts, some dairy products, and various other foods can have very serious health consequences for dogs.

Some foods may cause dizziness or drowsiness, some diarrhea and upset stomachs, some can cause vomiting, and some can even cause kidney failure, seizures or death. So, if you do plan on feeding your dog human food, even though you shouldn’t, stick to things like small pieces of bread, real meats (beef, pork, chicken fish), and yogurt. Peanut butter makes for a fan favorite too.


The bottom line is that it’s not very good to feed dogs human food. Whether due to health issues or behavior, it’s best avoided.