Dog Nail Grinding vs Trimming

Dog Nail Grinding vs Trimming
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If you are wondering whether you should grind or trim your dog’s nails, it means that you are a real dog lover. The fact is that if you own a dog, especially if it is mostly inside, you should definitely take care of its nails now and they.

However, some people might be a little bit confused when it comes to grinding and trimming. Most commonly, the actual process of taking care of a dog’s nails is called trimming. Then, you can trim dogs nails by grinding or by clipping, which are two different methods.

To grind or to clip?

The truth is that you can use any method you prefer. However, many people do both grinding and clipping, and you might consider that, too. Let’s explain.

Both grinding and clipping tools are used for trimming the dog nails. For example, when it comes to clipping, you can use Guillotine Nail clippers. They are usually used for small, and up to medium-sized dogs, and should be regularly replaced to keep the blades sharp, for the smoothest clipping.

When you finish clipping, you can do grinding as the final touch. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to do the final touches, or you can only use the grinder if you prefer. You can achieve the same nail length using a grinder instead of clippers.

To get a clearer picture, let’s check some facts about both grinding and clipping. If you decide to do the clipping, you should know that it is the quickest and most precise process. Also, the clipper doesn’t require any battery or electricity. On the other hand, you have to watch out not to cut the quick of your dog’s nail.

Dog Nail Grinding vs Trimming

When it comes to the grinder, it provides smooth and gentle nails and will prevent any possible sharp edges, that might occur when using clippers. You can also hit the quick of the nail accidentally, but you will notice it much faster, then if you were using the clippers.

Also, the fact is that grinding can cause a specific odor and dust, so you should wear a mask and some kind of eye-protection while grinding your dog’s nails. Note that some dogs might get scared of the sound of the grinder.

As you can see, there is no winner. It all depends on what you prefer, and on what your dog prefers. Choose carefully.

Why is it important to trim the dog’s nails?

Most dog owners are not even aware of how important it is to trim their dog’s nails. If your dog spends most of its time in the house, then he is not in his natural environment. Basically, as your dog won’t be running, jumping, and playing on rough surfaces, its nails won’t wear down. That might cause the nails to be longer and can only cause trouble.

When your dog’s nails become too long, they are not only unattractive, they will cause pain to the dog and put pressure on the joints. Although you might not notice it, your dog will feel a bit of discomfort.

Additionally, if its nails are long over a more extended period, they might cause joints to realign and can even change the way the foot looks. Furthermore, in the long-term, it can cause severe health damage if not treated.

You might have also been wondering when is the right time to start trimming your dog’s nails. Most people make a mistake by waiting for the dog to grow older before starting to take care of its nails. However, older dogs might find it harder to get used to grinders and clippers than the younger ones.

Most vets advise that you should clip your dog’s nails in the first 10 days since it has arrived. Although there won’t be much to cut, it will slowly get used to it.

You might also find it a little bit difficult to cut the puppy’s nails. However, it should be much easier than having to deal with a scared, big dog.


In the end, we can conclude that there is no definite winner between dog nail grinding vs trimming methods. Basically, it all depends on what you prefer and on what your dog is used to.

If you have enough time, then you can cut the nails with clippers first, and then do the grinding as the final touch. Grinding can be important since it can smooth all the sharp edges caused by clipping.

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