Can You Use Human Nail Clippers on Dogs?

Can You Use Human Nail Clippers on Dogs
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If you own a dog, you might have wondered if you can use human nail clippers to cut its nails. Or you might have wondered if you should actually cut its nails at all. Most people think that dogs' nails should be cut purely for aesthetic reasons. However, the truth is a lot different.

Why should you cut the dog’s nails?

As already mentioned, aesthetics is not the primary reason for cutting a dog's nails. On the other hand, you might be thinking that, if dogs can survive in the wilderness without their nails being cut, then why should you cut them?

The fact is that most of us own who own dogs usually keep them inside most of the time. Or even while they are outside, they might be lying on the ground the whole day, instead of being active.

However, when dogs are actively playing and running, they wear down their nails, which is completely natural.

On the other hand, if they are inside the whole day, their nails will grow longer since they won’t wear down. This can lead to various health problems in the long-term.

When a dog’s nails become too long, they don’t just look unattractive. If they are constantly touching the floor, they will put pressure on the toe joints, eventually causing pain in the dog's feet.

The fact is, it won’t cause any immediate damage, but over time, it might realign joints and change the way the foot looks, which can lead to more severe health problems, especially if you own a large breed, heavyweight dog. Your dog will also be more prone to injuries, and running will become more difficult.

Can You Use Human Nail Clippers on Dogs

So, can you use human nail clippers on your dog?

According to many vets around the world, you should never use human clippers on dogs for multiple reasons. Primarily, human nail clippers are not powerful enough to cut through dog nails. Although they might be better for small dogs, they are still not ideal. Not only will you find it more difficult to use human clippers on dogs, but you could also hurt your dog.

There are various types and models of nail clippers for dogs. You can usually find them in any pet supply store, and they are pretty affordable.

Also, you should know that they primarily fall into two categories, which include nail clippers for big dogs and small dogs. However, don’t try to use clippers for large dogs on a small dog, and vice versa.

If you are using clippers for large dogs on small dogs, it might break their nails or split them into chunks, which can lead to severe damage.

However, if you use nail clippers for small dogs on a large dog, it will take much longer than necessary. Although it might not seem like too much time if you do it once, if you do it frequently, you will realize that the nail clipper for large dogs would have been a much better investment.

When should you start clipping dog nails

Another great thing to know is when to start clipping your dog’s nails. Most people think that the right time is when they fully grow up, but that is a mistake.

If your dog grows up and you have never clipped its nails, it might be scared of that process and will feel uncomfortable. That will also make it more difficult for you. Most vets state that you should clip their nails in the first week they arrive. There might be almost nothing to clip, but your dog will get used to it much faster if it's younger.

If you have never used a dog nail clipper, you should know that the process is very simple. At first, take its paw and hold it firmly with one hand.

Then, place your thumb on its foot and your fingers below its foot in order to spread the toes. Then, just clip the nails one by one, exactly where the curve starts.

You should know that your dog might not feel relaxed the first time, but just talk smoothly and gently to calm it down. After a few times, it should get completely used to it.


So, can you use human nail clippers on dogs? No, you should never use a human nail clipper on dogs. First, it might hurt your dog, but it will also make it more difficult for you since dogs have much stronger nails.

Be sure to buy a dog nail clipper in a pet-supply shop. They are very affordable nowadays.

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