Best Soft Dog Food for Senior Dogs of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best soft dog food for senior dogs
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The best soft dog food for senior dogs can help improve your pet's appetite.

With a soft and juicy texture that is easy for them to chew through and digest, it will help you make sure your dog is getting the nutrients he needs.

Senior dogs are bound to love the meaty flavors within these fantastic recipes, too.

Comparison Chart

CESAR Soft Wet Dog Food (Filet Mignon Flavor)

PEDIGREE Adult Canned Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food

CESAR Soft Wet Dog Food (Steak)

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Best Soft Dog Food for Senior Dogs: Product Reviews

1. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs (Beef)

Cesar is one of the top-tier dog food brands, especially for wet food. Their special variety packs come with a ton of delectable flavors that your pets aren't soon to forget.

It also features a very balanced recipe that is beneficial for your pets at any stage of their life.

Product Highlights

The flavor selection from this wet dog food is one of its most considerable advantages. Some of the most popular flavors include:

  • Pot Roast
  • Bacon Feast
  • Bacon and Egg
  • Chicken and Top Sirloin
  • Filet Mignon
  • Poultry Lovers
  • Steak Lovers

As with any other type of dog food, this recipe's texture is exceptional for senior dogs. You won't have to worry about kibble digging into their gums or causing digestive distress.

It's also highly recommended for senior dogs who have recently lost teeth, as it's soft.

All of the flavors that you can find do not contain grains and are packed with real meat. Every recipe's first ingredient is US-sourced meat.

The recipes contain a ton of fortified minerals and vitamins for your dogs to enjoy as an added benefit.

Dogs will love how delicious it tastes while you'll love how it keeps them healthy at all stages of their lives.

Pet parents will appreciate having these packs on-hand as you can also combine them with kibble.

The ingredients in the formula are made in the United States, which gives you plenty of reliable components.

Each of the packs comes with a peel-away freshness seal that locks in flavor and freshness for your convenience. Also, it's effortless to prepare when it comes time to serve meals.

What to Like About It 

There's no doubt that your dog will love their new food, especially if they love meaty recipes.

This food is particularly great for picky eaters, especially as it has a heavy scent to entice their appetite.

You'll also find it's great for both small and large dogs, especially if mixed with kibble for larger breeds.

With the addition of the vacuum seal, the food can stay fresh until it's served.

What Not to Like About It

The main issue with this wet food is that it's packed with fat, which can be dangerous for some pets.

It could also cause diarrhea, so you must talk to your vet before switching your pet’s food.


  • Useful for picky eaters
  • Great for small and large dogs
  • Vacuum seal keeps food fresh


  • High in fat
  • Could cause diarrhea

2. PEDIGREE Adult Canned Wet Dog Food

Pedigree is another famous name in the dog food industry. Their wet dog food is designed to be flavorful and irresistible to dogs, encouraging them to eat.

You'll find that it's particularly beneficial for senior dogs who have had a loss of appetite.

Product Highlights

You'll have the bacon cheeseburger flavor with this food, which sounds just as good to humans.

One of the first ingredients on the label is real beef, so you won't have to worry about feeding your pets fake food.

Many pet parents also enjoy giving this dog food as a treat to their pets, rather than as daily meals.

The food is made in the United States with ingredients sourced worldwide. All of the ingredients meet US-based standards, ensuring your pets have the finest ingredients.

Apart from beef, there are a few other types of meat included in the formula as well. Pets will have access to premium chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef.

Compared to other types of dog food, you'll find this recipe is 100% balanced.

As such, you won't have to worry about your pets lacking any nutritional benefits, whether you serve it as a meal or snack.

What to Like About It

Senior dogs are bound to love the flavors in this recipe, especially if they have shown a lack of appetite.

Pet parents might also want to consider using it as a treat to hide medication for their pets. With its convenient canned design, it's straightforward to serve.

What Not to Like About It

If you have a picky dog, this might not be the ideal flavor of Pedigree dog food to consider. You must also store the cans in a cool and dry place to ensure they don't spoil.


  • Delicious for senior dogs
  • Useful for giving medications
  • Easy to serve


  • Requires proper storage
  • Not ideal for picky eaters

3. Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Adult Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is a well-rounded option when it comes to adult dog food with plenty of benefits.

The Homestyle Recipe line is exceptional for pets who prefer human food to dog food. There are multiple flavors to opt for, including Turkey Meatloaf, Fish and Sweet Potato, and Beef.

Product Highlights

Like most other high-quality dog foods, the ingredients in this formula are high-quality and good for your pet's health.

When you look at the ingredients list, you'll find real beef as the first ingredient. For the non-beef formulas, high-quality protein is always the first listed ingredient.

With a healthy amount of protein, your pet's muscles will be sufficiently nourished for longevity.

There are three different ways that you can give this pet food, depending on your dog's preferences.

You can save it as a delicious treat, mix it into their existing dry food, or serve it on its own.

One of the more exciting features of this dog food is that it contains naturally supportive ingredients.

The natural ingredients are exceptional for pets with sensitive digestive systems, such as senior dogs.

You'll also find plenty of minerals and vitamins to enhance the pet food to be a complete formula. These wholesome ingredients helps to avoid fillers and by-products.

This dog food recipe doesn't contain by-product meals, corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

With this, you can have complete peace of mind that you're giving your pet real food to enjoy.

What to Like About It 

Large and small dogs alike will have plenty of nutrition when you add this pet food to their diets.

You'll find the savory flavor will surely entice the appetites of your senior dogs.

Pet parents also love the complete formula, which helps make sure their older pets get the care they need.

If you have particular medications or supplements for your senior dogs, it's easy to mix them in this dog food.

As it has a chunky texture, they aren't likely to notice their medication at all.

What Not to Like About It

If you're looking for juicy wet food, this isn't the pet food to choose, as it has a drier texture.

You might also find the cans are tough to open, especially as the pull tabs fall off easily.

Unfortunately, many of the cans arrive dented, which deems them unsafe to feed to your pets.


  • Nutritious for large and small dogs
  • Helps to ease picky appetites
  • Can be combined with supplements


  • Challenging to open
  • Drier than expected

4. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs (Steak Lovers)

This recipe is similar to the previous Cesar dog food we explored; however, it's for pets who love steak.

With 36 individual trays of food, you'll have plenty of different flavors to give your senior pets.

We especially love the Steak Lovers options, as they seem to be some of the most delicious for dogs.

Product Highlights

In the Steak Lovers assortment, you'll have several flavors to feed your dogs, including:

  • Filet Mignon
  • Prime Rib
  • Porterhouse Steak
  • Grilled Steak & Eggs
  • Filet Mignon with Bacon and Potato
  • Grilled New York Strip with Vegetables

You can guarantee a flavor for every pet, especially if they love dog food packed with meat.

As with any other Cesar formula, the first-mentioned ingredient is beef. You won't have to worry about giving your pets dog food comprised solely of meat by-products.

Also, the beef is sourced in the United States, giving you even more peace of mind.

You'll love how this fortified dog food can promote your senior dog's longevity and health. It's particularly beneficial for small dogs but can also be useful for larger breeds.

All of the vitamins and minerals that the average pet needs are included in the formula.

Like the other foods on this list, you can serve this recipe in three ways: a topper, alone, or as a treat.

It's a highly sophisticated recipe that your pets will look forward to every day.

Pet parents will especially love the vacuum-sealed trays that come with a peel-away seal to maintain its freshness.

What to Like About It 

If you've been on the hunt for a dog food that won't upset your dog's stomach, this formula is a great option.

Because it's very wet, it's highly recommended for pets that have poor teeth or no teeth at all.

Also, you're likely to find it won't upset your pet's tummy as quickly as some of the other dog foods on the market.

The small containers are convenient, too; some pets will eat directly out of the tray, helping to cut out dishes

What Not to Like About It

Some of the flavors, such as Porterhouse Steak, are a little rich for some pets.

You'll also find a high quantity of fat in these dinners, which do not make them the healthiest option.


  • Perfect for pets with no teeth
  • Doesn’t upset stomachs
  • Convenient small containers
  • Plenty of options


  • Some flavors are too strong
  • Not the healthiest option

5. Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food is specifically designed to meet the needs of your dogs.

The formula features plenty of supportive minerals and vitamins to promote health and vitality. Also, you'll find some of the flavors are incredibly easy for dogs to digest.

Product Highlights

Dogs that have sensitive digestive tracks will appreciate Hill's Science dog food because of its ingredients.

You'll find plenty of easily digestible ingredients that are formulated with natural fibers to promote healthier stools.

The dog food could also assist your pet with skin health and the appearance of their coat.

All of the available flavors do not contain grain, making them one of the top-recommended foods by vets.

You'll also find omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E in the ingredients to support healthy skin development.

The food is made in the United States with globally-sourced ingredients that meet US-based manufacturing standards.

Compared to other dog foods, this formula isn't designed for all ages. Instead, it's highly recommended for adult and senior dogs.

The natural tasting ingredients will pique the interests of your pets without overloading them with calories and fat.

What to Like About It 

When you begin feeding this food to your dog, you'll notice it helps to reduce itching and paw-chewing.

Many pet parents have also found it helps to reduce digestive issues, especially gas.

If your dog has skin bumps and other signs of irritation, you might notice a significant reduction.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, there is exceptional inconsistency in the batches of dog food you might receive.

Some may appear fresh, while others might have evaporated fat and water, leaving the food dry and brittle. Also, the cans easily dent in transit.


  • Reduces chewing and itching
  • Doesn’t cause digestive issues
  • Could assist with skin bumps
  • Easy to combine with medications


  • Might need added water
  • Inconsistent batches
  • The cans easily dent

Buyer's Guide

When you begin searching for dog food, you'll want to choose a formula that supports your senior dog's needs.

There are many recipes on the market to choose from, but you need to make sure you find a healthy option.

Below are some of the critical things to look for in dog food to promote your senior pet's vitality.

1. Vitamins and Minerals

As dogs become older, they will have different needs in terms of their nutrition. You'll find their diets will require much more vitamins and minerals to promote longer life.

A few examples of essential minerals and vitamins include:

  • Vitamin A: Liver, pumpkin, eggs, fish oil
  • Vitamin D: Beef, egg yolks, fatty fish
  • Vitamin E: Liver, plant oils, seeds
  • Vitamin K: Fish, leafy greens
  • Vitamin C: Vegetables, organ meats
  • Vitamin B: Beans, green vegetables
  • Calcium: Raw bones, cauliflower, broccoli
  • Magnesium: Seafood, broccoli
  • Potassium, Sodium, and Chloride: Fruits, vegetables

By choosing the right pet food, you should have access to all of those ingredients. Otherwise, you should consider investing in supplements to pair with your dog food.

Consulting your vet before switching your senior dog's food is recommended, as they can tell you what the recipe is lacking.

2. Flavors

It's easy to assume that dogs will love any type of dog food, but that isn't always the case. It's often best if you're able to get an assortment of flavors to test with your senior dog.

As pets get pickier with what they eat as they get older, you'll want to give them variety. Variety packs will either use the same protein or different ones depending on the brand.

For example, you might have six different recipes containing steak or six recipes with differing proteins.

Ensuring you give your senior dog something different every day can help them to get delicious variation.

You'll also begin to find your pets will be more likely to finish their meals, especially if they have variation.

3. Sourced Ingredients

One of the most important things to consider when choosing dog food is where the ingredients come from.

In the United States, manufacturing processes are exceptionally stricter than in other countries.

This process helps to ensure that your dog isn't consuming harmful ingredients from around the world.

Although the majority of pet food manufacturers source their ingredients globally, they manufacture within the United States.

It's crucial to find a company with a positive reputation and have been tried and tested by pet parents for years.

By being selective with the brands you choose, you can protect your pet from disastrous health issues.

You might also want to consider where the ingredients come from. There are several pet food brands that source and manufacture their recipes within the United States.

4. Packaging

This point is particularly important for pet owners who buy their food online.

In shipping, it's challenging to ensure the integrity of the dog food will be maintained.

If you choose dog food in cans, many might arrive damaged or even open, depending on how delicate the shippers are.

There are alternative options, such as dog food in plastic trays that are meant to be malleable and dented.

Otherwise, you could be feeding your pet food containing harmful bacteria that can affect their digestive system.

Another essential part of the packaging is how easy the dog food is to use daily.

You can guarantee you won't want to spend most of your time trying to open the container rather than feeding your dog.

Ideally, opt for a dog food that has an easy-open seal that can save you headaches.

5. Texture

You might think that all soft dog food is made the same, but that's not the case. Some recipes are wetter than others, while some feature different sized chunks.

You'll have to take the capabilities of your senior dog into account when choosing the right texture.

If your pet doesn't have any teeth, you'll want the wettest and softest dog food possible.

Wet food helps to make sure they don't swallow whole chunks that could cause a choking hazard.

On the other hand, chunkier wet food can be useful for hiding medications and for pets who don't like overly wet recipes.

Soft Dog Food for Senior Dogs FAQs

1. Is soft food better for older dogs?

Soft food can be exceptionally better for older dogs for two reasons.

First, you'll find your pet's teeth will deteriorate as they age, making it incredibly challenging for them to eat kibble.

You won't want your pet to injure themselves trying to chew through tough dog food with poor dental health.

Another reason is that wet food is more comfortable for them to digest.

Because it's more malleable and softer on their stomachs, it glides through the digestive system smoothly.

Also, the wet texture ensures the ingredients are more bioavailable to be absorbed by your pet's body easily.

2. What is the best diet for a senior dog?

The two main things to consider for senior dogs are less fat and fewer calories.

As they won't be as active as they were in their puppy and adult years, you'll want to make sure they're not eating unhealthy food.

You'll also need to consider formulas packed with proteins and amino acids to promote heart and muscle health.

Pet parents with picky dogs can often use the same dog food for their pets but adjust how they are fed.

They will often use the same food but in smaller quantities to ensure they're not overeating fat.

However, senior-specific dog foods are ideal, as they are lower in calories but are specially formulated to help pets feel satiated.

The same rules apply to puppy-specific dog food, as it contains certain ingredients recommended for younger dogs.

3. How many times a day should a senior dog eat?

The number of times your dog eats should be dependent on their energy and activity levels.

If you have an exceptionally active dog, they will require more daily feedings as they'll burn off ample calories.

However, senior dogs that are slightly less active shouldn't be fed as often. When they transition to their older age, one to two daily feedings will be more than sufficient.

4. Is grain free dog food better for senior dogs?

Grain-free dog food might not be the best option for any dog, according to the FDA.

They have currently launched an investigation into the connection between grain-free diets and heart conditions in dogs.

With that said, the investigation hasn't been concluded, and a resolution has not been found.

Grain-free dog food is typically lower in calories than its high-grain counterpart.

With that said, if you opt for food with grains in it, you'll have to track how much your dog is eating carefully.

5. Are eggs good for older dogs?

Eggs are a fantastic ingredient in dog food, especially for senior dogs.

They're easily digestible, making them a phenomenal protein boost if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

Also, they contain selenium and riboflavin, two essential components for dogs at any age.

Mixing a little bit of egg into your dog's food can give them easily digestible nourishment. The eggs must be cooked, however, as uncooked eggs can cause biotin deficiencies.

Final Verdict

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food is our choice for the best soft dog food for senior dogs because of its unique formula.

All of the ingredients ensure your pet has easily digestible daily meals without the risk of diarrhea and stomach upset.

It also contains plenty of supportive vitamins and minerals for when your pet transitions into their older age.

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