Best Dog Nail Clippers for Large Breeds of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best dog nail clippers for large breeds
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Having the best dog nail clippers for large breeds can make grooming substantially easier.

Instead of hiring a groomer, you can maintain your pet at home to keep them comfortable.

It's important you find the best clippers for your dog's safety and to have stress-free grooming experience.

Comparison Chart

Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Gorilla Grip Premium Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

FMU Dog Nail Clippers

Tpotato Dog Nail Clippers

Pawsibility Reinvented Pet Nail Clippers

Best Dog Nail Clippers for Large Breeds: A Review

1. Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

The Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer are highly recommended for beginner pet groomers.

This device contains several unique features that make the clippers more comfortable to handle.

Also, you'll be able to reduce the likelihood of accidentally clipping your dog's quick.


You'll find the central premise of these clippers is your dog's safety.
There's a built-in protective guard designed to shield your dog's nails, almost like a quick sensor.

This feature is ideal for beginners since it prevents you from over-trimming and potentially knicking the quick.

Another exciting feature of this tool is that two veterinarians designed it.
Since the professionals know the ins and outs of healthy dog maintenance, it's one of the more reliable pairs to consider.

With over 30 years of experience, these clippers are designed with the everyday user in mind, though they can also be used professionally.

When handling your new clippers, you'll like the feeling of the handles in your palm.

They are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand perfectly and feature a rubber coating to prevent slippage.

With a comfortable grip, you can quickly get to the safest spot for safe and healthy nail trimming.

In this kit, you'll receive the nail trimmer as well as a nail file and an instruction card.

With the instructions, you can learn how to use the trimmer effectively and how to finish grooming with the file.

You'll especially like how lightweight the clippers feel, which makes them easy to maneuver around larger dogs.

For the safety of your household, there's a built-in locking mechanism that prevents the clippers from opening when not in use. This feature is essential if you have small children in the house.

You'll also like the safety stop blade that prevents you from cutting your dog's nails too short.

Another notable feature is the quality of the blades in the clipper.

You'll want to ensure they're made from high-quality metal to slice through your dog's nails like butter. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with splintering and discomfort.

Fortunately, the Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer are designed out of stainless steel.

The blades are easy to clean and sharpen, if necessary.


  • Designed for dogs and cats
  • Ideal for nervous dogs
  • Very sharp blades
  • The guard allows for close cutting
  • Easy for beginners to use


  • Poor quality nail file
  • Blades are too large for small dogs
  • The spring could fall out

2. Gorilla Grip Premium Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

Another excellent option for safe dog clippers is the Gorilla Grip Premium Dog and Cat Nail Clippers.

Similar to the Dudi pair, these clippers are designed with built-in safety features to prevent over-clipping.

As an added benefit, they are available in five colors, including black, blue, gray, purple, and red.


If you need a pair of pet clippers that help you work with confidence, these are a great option.

They feature a user-friendly design that makes clipping your pet's nails easier with every pass.

One of the most notable features is the ergonomic handle, designed for your comfort.

The handles are coated with a slip-resistant silicone that allows you to maintain the best possible grip.

You can also hold them steadily since they have an adequate weight without being too heavy.

The clippers' general size is recommended for small, medium, and large dogs, as well as cats.

Precise trimming is essential for every pet parent, which is why we like these clippers.

The 3.5mm stainless steel blades are perfect for reducing the chances of chipping, fraying, and splitting.

Once finished, your dog's nails will be perfectly cleaned.

The safety features in these clippers are also essential to consider, especially for beginners.

You'll no longer have to guess what length is safe for your pet because there's a safety stop built-in.

With the safety stop, the clippers stop you before you get to their quick, preventing serious accidents.

Another safety feature is the one-click lock that prevents the clippers from inadvertently opening.

You can press and slide the button for adults, though it's challenging for children to open.

You can guarantee you'll be able to store the clippers in between grooming sessions with ease safely.

For your convenience, you'll also receive a bonus nail file with your order.

Uniquely, the nail file can slide into the bottom of the clippers so you can store both items in the same location.

Another exciting feature of these clippers is their warranty, which is essential for protecting your equipment.

The Gorilla Grip Premium Dog and Cat Nail Clippers have a ten-year guarantee.

If you are dissatisfied with the clippers, you can either receive a replacement or a refund.


  • Easy for beginners to handle
  • Prevent over-cutting
  • Sharp enough for thick nails
  • Convenient and safe storage
  • Comfortable handle


  • The guard moves with each pass
  • Too large for some cats
  • The locking mechanism could break

3. FMU Dog Nail Clippers

The FMU Dog Nail Clippers are ergonomically designed for your ease of use.

If you're looking for professional-quality clippers at a good bargain, this could be one of the top options.

According to the manufacturer, they are recommended by pet groomers, pet trainers, and veterinarians.


If you're the owner of multiple animals, you'll be glad to know these clippers are versatile.

They are designed to fit comfortably under your dog's nails, regardless of their size or age.

Also, it is said that these clippers are easy to use on cats, even if they don't enjoy grooming.

The blades are easily one of these clippers' most significant features since they're made from stainless steel.

Like many other dog clippers, each blade is 3.5mm in thickness, allowing you to slice through your pet's nails easily.

Also, they are bound to stay sharper over extended periods compared to other types of metal.

With the sharpness of the blades, you can ensure that you can avoid splintering and fraying.

Likely, you won't have to worry about using a nail file to buff your dog's nails after cutting.

Another user-friendly feature is the overall design of the clippers.

After your first use, you'll realize just how comfortable they are to hold for long periods.

You can grip them comfortably with the non-slip handles, and they are ergonomically designed to fit into your palm.

If grooming takes longer than expected with your pet, you'll be able to maintain control over the clippers.

Also, since they are easy to use, you will have far less chance of nicking and cutting your pets by accident.

The safety lock is essential to protect the younger members of your pet family.

When engaged, the clippers won't be able to open once they've been closed.

It's also important to note that locking your dog clippers is important to prevent the blades from being damaged.

There is a nail file included with your order as an extra gift, although it likely won't be necessary.

The blades on the clipper are of a high enough quality to leave a clean cut after trimming.


  • Cut through thick nails easily
  • Speeds up grooming time
  • Safety is easy to engage and disengage
  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Recommended for anxious pets
  • Cuts quickly and cleanly


  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Too large for small hands
  • Poorly designed guard

4. Tpotato Dog Nail Clippers

The Tpotato Dog Nail Clippers are available in two sizes, depending on the size of your pet.

You'll be able to choose from the small or medium pair, which is five inches, and the large pair, which is 6.5 inches.

They have a relatively basic design, which makes them easy to use and comfortable to hold.


If you want a pair of nail clippers with basic features, this is one of the best options to consider.

It's designed for pet owners who want to do fundamental grooming regularly.

You'll also find that they have many of the same features as the other clippers on this list.

The blades in the Tpotato Dog Nail Clippers are designed to cut through your pet's nails easily.

They are 3.5mm and made from pure stainless steel, which is easy to maintain over the years.

With proper storage, the blades won't dull quickly and always offer a clean and effortless trim.

The high-grade stainless steel is also easy to disinfect after cleaning, making them ideal for professional groomers.

You'll also find the tool's low-profile design is one of the better options for anxious pets.

As an extra tip, you can use the included nail file to polish your pet's nails after trimming.

Ergonomic handles are an essential feature to have in your favorite pair of clippers.

This model features ergonomically designed slip-resistant grips, perfect for most hand sizes.

You won't have to worry about hand cramps or fatigue after grooming your pet for an extended period.

Another important feature to note is the safety guard, which protects any children in your home.

When locked, it is near impossible for children to open. This feature also protects the blades from damage.

You'll also find the clipper comes with a premium safety stop to help prevent you from over trimming your pet's nails.

If you're worried about getting too close to the quick, this is one of the better options to consider.

Considering they're designed to be user-friendly, cutting your pet's nails will be incredibly simple.

Beginners are bound to feel more confident and comfortable when working with their dog's and cat's nails.


  • Convenient safety guard
  • Ideal for large and thick nails
  • Perfect for multi-dog families
  • Feel comfortable and strong
  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Practical everyday tool


  • Could cause nail cracking
  • Uncomfortable for small hands

5. Pawsibility Pet Nail Clippers

One of the exciting features of the Pawsibility Pet Nail Clippers is that they were redesigned in 2020.

Today, pet parents have plenty of needs when it comes to grooming their pets at home.

You'll find many improved features in these clippers that lesser quality pairs are lacking.


These clippers help make it easier to clip your dog's nails safely using innovative technology.

They feature a built-in LED light that helps illuminate the bloodline in your dog's nails.

You'll find that it's simpler to avoid making critical mistakes if you get too close to their quick.

In previous models of these nail clippers, they have smaller cutting blades than they do now.

The redesigned clippers feature a wider blade made from high-quality stainless steel to accommodate large pets.

Also, they have a built-in nail storage box that catches clipped nails from grooming.

You can quickly empty the nail storage box after clipping without having to try to find scattered nails.

Another notable feature of the Pawsibility Pet Nail Clippers is the built-in file.

Instead of needing a separate tool, you'll find a collapsible file on the handle that allows you to make small adjustments.

Pet parents will have the ability to regularly maintain their animal's nails without waiting for them to grow too long.

They're also incredibly comfortable to hold, thanks to the specially designed handle.

The handle features a specialized grip that makes them anti-slip, so you can have confidence when trimming your pet's nails.

It's also important to note all of the materials used to make these clippers are human and animal-friendly.


  • Works well with thick nails
  • Impressive cutting blade
  • Offers professional-quality grooming
  • Easy-to-use LED light
  • Quickly catches nails
  • Convenient handle lock for safety
  • High-quality design
  • Feels comfortable when held


  • LED doesn’t work with black nails
  • The handles don’t have silicone grips
  • Clippers slip easily in wet hands

FAQs About Nail Clippers for Large Dog Breeds

1. How do you cut overgrown dog nails?

Long nails can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your pets, especially if they're overgrown.

Here are a few key steps to help make the process easier for you and your dog.

Step #1: Find a Comfortable Trimming Position

First, you'll want to make sure your dog is in a comfortable position and environment when trimming.

It can be a scary process for many, so you'll want to form a positive association with the clippers.

It's also vital that you are in a comfortable cutting position so you can trim the nails effortlessly and quickly.

The most vital part of this process is to make sure you have complete visibility of the nails.

Cutting blindly can cause you to nick their quick, which is extremely painful.

Step #2: Locate the Quick

Once you've positioned yourself properly, you'll want to lift your dog's paw to locate their quick.

Light-colored nails will show the quick as a dark pink-like section in the nail.

It's more challenging to locate with dark nails, so you'll need to cut a little bit at a time.

As you work slowly, check the cut section's color as the closer you are to the quick, you'll see a gray or pink color.

It's also common to have a black dot in the middle of the nail's white color.

Step #3: Cut Confidently

When you have the quick located, you can then begin trimming your pet's nails with confidence.

Be sure to use a pair of clippers that will cut through thick nails quickly and effortlessly and cut at a 45-degree angle.

With every pass, be sure to inspect the nail to determine when it's time to stop.

You'll also want to make sure you're not hesitating or nervous as your dog can pick up on your emotions.

2. How do you cut thick dog nails?

Cutting thick dog nails requires the same steps as previously mentioned, but a very high-quality pair of clippers.

You'll want to make sure your clippers are sharpened; otherwise, you could be left with splinters and frays.

It could also be a good idea to purchase a nail file to buff down any nail's rough edges after clipping.

3. Are guillotine nail clippers better?

When it comes to working on large dogs with thick nails, guillotine clippers aren't recommended.

They're better for small dogs with thin nails since they aren't as powerful or quick as other types.

Scissor clippers are an excellent option for big dogs with thick nails because they cut with far more force.

4. Where is the quick on black dog nails?

In black dog nails, the quick could be a different color than in light nails.

Often, pet parents find a gray-pink hue, while others have a different color entirely.

When cutting black nails, always work in small sections and check the cut for a black dot in the middle.

Once that black dot is visible in the nail, it means it's time to stop since this could be the dog's quick.

Our Final Recommendation

The Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer are the best dog nail clippers for large breeds and beginner pet parents.

If you've never cut your dog's nails before, you'll love how effortlessly the blade glides through thick nails.

Also, the tool's size is quite versatile, making it an excellent option for your other pets, too.

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